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Third generation Idaho sod farmers, we are dedicated to producing the very best turfgrass for our region, passionate about sustainability, and committed to growing you greener lawns.

DG Turf Farm is honored to be the only locally licensed producer of RTF Sod, the turfgrass of choice for the Treasure Valley.


We believe in order to produce the finest product, it all begins with the soil. Then, you're only as good as the seed you procure and the methods in which you grow it.  DG Turf Farm is proud to offer RTF Sod and a premium blue/rye blend.



The best choice for the Treasure Valley, RTF is the only rhizomatous tall fescue on the market. That means it is self repairing like bluegrass, but requires significantly less water, fertilizer and maintenance once it is established.



The traditional choice for cool season grass climates, our bluegrass is a blue/rye blend that is carefully selected, blended, and planted together to ensure a fine, even lawn. 

DG Turf Farm RTF Sod


Traditionally, Bluegrass has been the go-to sod choice for homeowners here in the Treasure Valley, but it is high maintenance, and requires a lot of water in our high desert conditions. RTF sod develops a deeper rhizomatous rooting system that is self repairing and becomes more drought tolerant when established.

With a uniform appearance, less fertilizer requirements, and a natural ability to fight billbug damage, we are certain this is the responsible sod choice for all of Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon. 

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