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Proudly serving the treasure valley & surrounding area. Producing only the finest sod, direct from our farm.

Whether you are doing some repair work, or planting a new section of lawn, you will be matched up with a seamless yard.


DG Turf Farm is a family owned and operated sod farm, proudly serving the Treasure Valley for three generations.

Specializing in premium turf grass for all of Idaho, we are the only locally licensed grower of Water Saver RTF sod.

DG Turf Farm Sod - Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF©)


Excellent general purpose turf grass, eco-friendly and drought tolerant.

DG Turf Farm Sod - Bluegrass


Traditional sod choice for the Treasure Valley, fine blade, and self repairing.

DG Turf Farm Sod - My Holiday Lawn Sod


A brand new, patent pending variety of Bluegrass suitable for the Treasure Valley.

DG Turf Farm RTF Sod


Traditionally, Bluegrass has been the go-to sod choice for homeowners here in the Treasure Valley. With our exceptionally mild winter and a low water year, this may be the time to make a switch. RTF sod develops a deeper rhizomatous rooting system, that is self repairing and becomes more drought tolerant when established.

With a uniform appearance, less fertilizer requirements, and a natural ability to fight billbug damage, we are certain this is the current sod of choice for all of Southern Idaho.

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Whether you are doing some repair work or planting a new section of lawn, you will be matched up with a seamless yard.

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